Unstoppable Siran

Unstoppable Siran

Meet Siran. She is a senior in high school who is sporting one of our brand new marketing pieces, inspired by her.

Our logo sticker was created with the intention of being placed on student’s laptops. Apparently, it is the “thing to do” for high school students today. I love learning new things from my students.

Siran’s laptop was covered with mainly black & white stickers and she wanted one of my colorful logo to brighten up her laptop. What’s ironic, is that Siran is the person who inspired the new logo design in the first place.

Siran goes to a private high school, in Los Angeles. She is beyond bright and has a lot going for her. Like many students her age, she had a hard time expressing the deepest parts of herself that make her unique. She is a future thought leader, change agent in social justice and will make an impact on this earth through her passion for sustainability. She has done a lot of work in these areas and her parents have done an amazing job in raising a thoughtful, values driven, kind, young lady. Any college would be blessed to have her.

When I first started working with Siran, her energy was blocked when talking about herself openly. She is very humble about what she has accomplished. It took some time, lots of encouragement, and trust in herself to be truly authentic in the way she presents herself to an admissions committee.

Siran has spent the entire summer working very hard to write a solid personal statement, a “brag sheet” that truly reflects all of her leadership and community service work and chosen some extraordinary colleges to apply to, including her dream school Harvard.

Siran is starting off her senior year of high school already ahead of many of her friends. All she has to do is apply and and complete her supplemental essay questions. She is no longer stressed out about the admissions process, her spirit is free flowing and her energy is released. And as she wrote in her personal statement, “she is unstoppable.”

Working with students like Siran is why I love what I do. Helping her reach her fullest potential, empowering her and seeing her blossom is what makes my work meaningful. The contagious smile she has aquired after going through the most difficult part of her admissions process has been fabulous too. I can’t wait until that smile gets even bigger when her admit letters start coming in.

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