Selecting a College in a Pandemic

The Class of 2020 was the first to run into the challenge of having to decide their future college experience without the opportunity to see campus again, or for many, for the first time. Even more students in the Class of 2021 have not had the opportunity to…

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Alum Spotlight Of Our Founder & President

Recently, our President & Founder Sonali Bridges was featured in the “Alum Spotlight” by Mount Saint Mary’s University in recognition of her commitment to serving underrepresented students. The “Mount” is where Sonali honed her drive and received the support she needed to build and realize her goals for…

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Making the Most of Your Summer for College Admissions

January is generally the best time to dig into summer plans for high school students as many programs have application deadlines during the winter and early spring. Even though the pandemic is still looming, with the arrival of the vaccine, there’s some hope that by summer in-person opportunities…

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Let’s Talk Interviews

While usually optional, some colleges use evaluative interviews as a component of the application. So how can you make the most of this experience and add valuable information to your admissions file? Learn great tips and more from our Executive Director, Gabrielle Dorsey in an interview with The…

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What’s The Deal With Transfer Admissions?

Time for a change of scenery? There are a variety of reasons why a student may be applying to a college or university. Perhaps the four-year college the student chose after high school has not met their needs, or perhaps their needs have changed. Many students, especially in…

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Bridges Educational Consulting Launches New Nonprofit Arm

On Tuesday, September 1, with great pride and excitement, Bridges Educational Consulting launched its philanthropic arm: Shero’s Rise!  Shero’s Rise is non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and guiding every girl in her journey to identifying her voice, owning her power and learning how to use her “invisible cape”…

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