A holiday gift to seniors: college-free zone

A few years ago, a senior created a pin that said, “Please don’t talk to me about college.” She had designed it as an accessory to her outfit for Thanksgiving dinner with her extended family, as a subtle but firm request to allow her to keep her peace…

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What’s In A Ranking?

As a prelude to a recent podcast on college rankings as a part of the Revisionist History series, Malcolm Gladwell asks: “How is it that a promotional gimmick from the 1980s turned into a fetish object for American higher education? How do these rankings work? And why does…

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Introducing New Counselors to the Bridges Team!

We are excited to welcome two incredible new counselors to the Bridges team as we grow our team and expand our ability to serve students around the world! Hear their perspectives on why college counseling speaks to them based on their own personal and professional experiences, and what…

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Celebrating the Class of 2021!

We are thrilled to congratulate the Class of 2021 on an amazing year! Despite another year of unique challenges and a variety of unknowns as colleges managed new scenarios, restrictions and goals, our students have managed to continue finding great success with the colleges best equipped to support…

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Selecting a College in a Pandemic

The Class of 2020 was the first to run into the challenge of having to decide their future college experience without the opportunity to see campus again, or for many, for the first time. Even more students in the Class of 2021 have not had the opportunity to…

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