Why should I invest in Bridges Educational Consulting?

At Bridges Educational Consulting, we consider ourselves to be “educational architects.” We assist in the creation of a foundation that will help you achieve your future goals through individualized attention and quality service. Our goal is to make the college application process a positive experience for each student.  We pride ourselves in facilitating self-independence, self-advocacy, and responsibility; life skills that are essential for a successful transition into college and beyond.

Bridges Educational Consulting strives in providing a student-centered approach in guiding each student to meet their goals and needs. As a mentor and mediator, navigating the college admissions process has its ebb and flow; there is a beginning, middle and an end to this journey. Our expertise working with diverse college-bound students, from across the globe, who have an array of learning styles and needs extends beyond just getting into college.

Bridges Educational Consulting takes much of the stress out of the application process and breaks down the steps into reasonable and manageable sections. We believe that the student, not the parent or the consultant, is responsible for driving the application process. Success is judged not by gaining admission, but by a successful experience wherever a student chooses to matriculate. We are committed to the highest ethical standards of practice and avoid any action that interferes with a university’s ability to accurately evaluate a student.


When is a good time to contact and begin working on the college admissions process?

Now. College counseling is a process that takes thoughtful and careful research and preparation for college placement. Planning ahead will provide sufficient time to complete well rounded research, college planning and completion towards college applications in a timely and satisfactory manner. We will work with a student at any time in their college journey; however, experience and research strongly recommends that college planning begin as early as possible when enrolled in high school.


How is an educational consultant different than a high school’s college guidance counselor?

Although public and independent/private high schools’ have a College Counseling or Guidance department with qualified professionals and staff, our responsibilities serve a very different purpose and both roles have limitations.

An educational consultant, does not work for a school, so our role is exclusively advising and supporting the student and family by providing one-on-one support throughout the college planning, admissions and decision making process. An educational consultant is known to have more time in delivering customized support throughout the whole school year, able to provide ongoing support to discover a list of “best fit” colleges, course advising and evaluation, personal statement development and critique, one-on-one application review, interview skills and so much more!

Most public and independent/private school college counselors are known to have limited (or non-existent) individualized/one-on-one support. In California, a public school college counselor usually has a caseload of 1,000 seniors to 1 school counselor and an independent/private school has a caseload of anywhere from 130 – 45 seniors to one school counselor. A college guidance counselor at a school focuses on graduation requirements, college information workshops and parent night, College Board/ACT test center scheduling/proctoring, hosting college fairs, hosting college admission representatives, visiting and traveling to colleges to build relationships, as well as the strategic planning and support for faculty recommendations, writing individual letters of recommendations and submission of final transcripts.

Both, the school and educational consultant, support the student as they navigates the road to college. At Bridges Educational Consulting, we are proud to share that we collaborate with each student’s school college counselor and work with them together as a team to ensure best support practices and partnership in reaching each student’s goals and needs.


Is Bridges Educational Consulting just for affluent families and those with high achieving students?

No. In fact, the average family we work with identifies as middle/upper middle class with a student who has a 3.0 /"B" average or above. There is a stigma in society that suggests that those who invest in supplement support outside of their child’s schooling, especially college planning is for the wealthiest of families. All families, regardless of income, should be able to plan in advance for their child’s transition to a college that best fits them academically, socially and financially.

Bridges Educational Consulting makes every effort to work with all families, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. We believe in research, guidance, and analysis of admission criteria data so that families can make appropriate, confident and responsible college decisions.