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Our Logo

Trying to come up with an image that captures the essence of what you do and how you do it is challenging.

When I think about the journey I take my students through when defining themselves in a unique manner, this is the image that comes to my mind.

Why? Because it is unique, captivating, engaging, beautiful and poignant.

When I begin my work with a student, I never know what the end result of their journey looks like.

Neither do they.

In the process of understanding each person, at their core, it can get a little messy and difficult to release the energy and potential in each student.

Who are they? What’s important to them? What do they value?

It takes time, an honest assessment and a deep commitment to get one’s soul on paper.

No matter the way one’s journey starts, it always ends up the same way…beautiful, honest, and real.

Through the many shapes, colors, angles and energy flow, comes one centered piece of each student’s uniqueness.

The end result fuels every part of me and empowers each individual.

They will be the first to tell you that, in their mind, this image represents the very essence of their time with me.

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