Believe. Inspire. Transform.

Recently, we changed from a college counseling practice to an educational consulting firm. The change was intentional. We wanted to create transformational changes in the lives of students; from Kindergarten all the way to those getting a doctorate.

After over a year, we are beginning to finally see how our “heart-work” has grown. We are still providing individualized counseling to students, but we are also serving programs, schools, colleges, foundations and even the field of entertainment, in greater ways than we imagined.

We helped the extraordinary change agents at Los Angeles Trade Technical College create a leadership program for their emerging student leaders.

We were brought in to provide accurate educational and career pathways for a television show about the first, female, African American flight crew to fly across the transatlantic.

We are helping to create a Foundation for young girls who are interested in aviation and STEM pathways.

We are guiding Magnolia Public Schools (K-12 Charter STEM schools) to create a robust college counseling program that will elevate the college going culture among students and parents.

We are partnering with Thrively, an extraordinary online assessment tool to help find, spark and cultivate a student’s passion.

What we have realized is that we are truly helping students to believe in themselves. We are able to inspire them to become the best versions of themselves. And most importantly, we are giving them the tools they need to transform not just their life, but the lives of those who they come in contact with.

We are doing this by creating systematic, strategic, revolutionary and intentional change so that a “fish no longer has to climb a tree.” They can be happy swimming around in the water and know that they are fulfilling their passion and mission here on earth.

Enjoy the video. A student sent it to us because it reminded her about all the ways we have inspired her to become the best version of herself, outside of the box that she has been in. She realized, through our work together, that she alone is enough.

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