Introducing our Inaugural Director of Institutional Partnerships: Brittany Dávila!

Introducing our Inaugural Director of Institutional Partnerships: Brittany Dávila!

We are thrilled to announce a new member to our team, Brittany Dávila, who takes on the role of our inaugural Director of Institutional Partnerships! Her rich background in admissions and college counseling as well as her ability to foster connections serves her well in guiding both families and institutions. In addition to supporting students and families, adding Brittany to our team allows us to expand our work in supporting schools and school counselors, college and university admission and enrollment offices, and other businesses and organizations. 

Our team, with Brittany’s leadership, is taking on new opportunities to provide information and advising to families through a variety of avenues beyond our traditional 1:1 model to better serve a greater number of students from more communities. This includes programs for secondary schools (public, private/independent, and charter), community organizations, and businesses who seek to partner with us to provide opportunities for their staff and/or local community.  We’re proud to continue providing support and expertise to our colleagues as well with coaching and guidance available for school counselors and faculty, in addition to assessment and strategic guidance in enrollment management for college admission offices.

These offerings include:

  • Student Workshops (essays, applications)
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Workshops
  • Faculty Letters of Recommendation Workshops 
  • Counselor Training 
  • Enrollment Management and Recruitment Consulting
  • HR Benefits Package for College Counseling Sessions
  • Information Sessions on a variety of admission topics
  • And more!

Please contact us for more information on how we might be able to support your students, team or community. Or, if you know of a business, organization, or school/college that may benefit from our services, please share our contact information with someone who may be interested: or reach Brittany directly at 516-670-5120.

Learn more about Brittany and how she feels about joining the Bridges team:

I am thrilled to be joining Bridges Educational Consulting as the Director of Institutional Partnerships! Growing up, I had the mindset that access to education was the key to building the kind of life you wanted. As a first-generation, low-income Chicana from Southern California, this was a truth that I felt deeply and one I still do to this day. 

I joined the Bridges team because for the first time I could see how all of my intersecting interests could align under a mission-driven institution led by incredible women of color who are renowned in the field of admissions and enrollment management. For me, the role of Director of Institutional Partnerships is an opportunity to engage directly with the core of what makes admissions and enrollment management so special. Building connections with my colleagues in admissions on behalf of students, families and organizations makes the entire process more accessible. When higher education professionals have someone on the ground who has a pulse on what the needs of students are, it makes everyone better at what they do. That’s where I come in. I see myself as a bridge between the colleges and universities and those who seek to better understand how to get to that side of the bridge. 

It’s not just students who benefit from learning about this process! Teachers, administrators, college admissions professionals, parents, siblings… everyone can benefit from learning more about this often-daunting journey we call college admissions. How can we engage with this process better so that students thrive and universities and colleges flourish? This is my sweet spot. I love learning and I love teaching others. Being a member of the Bridges team allows me to connect with students, families, teachers, educators, and admissions professionals – all who are looking to better themselves and this process so that more students have access to higher education. 

As I’ve grown in my career, I’ve realized the importance of my values and to be in alignment with an organization that fosters those values. For me, Bridges Educational Consulting and its philanthropic arm, Shero’s Rise, is, as we say in college admissions, a perfect fit!  

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