Back-to-School Checklist for Students 2021

Back-to-School Checklist for Students 2021

Another school year is beginning – make sure you’re prepared! We give you our top tips for what you need to start this new year with success:

  • Mask up! 

Follow your school’s and the CDC’s guidelines to stay healthy as COVID-19 continues to spread.

  • Fully fueled body. 

Be sure to eat healthy and get adequate rest in order to make sure your body and mind are appropriately prepared to perform.

  • Fully charged laptop. 

And any other tools you use to get your work done efficiently. Be sure to pack your school bag the night before to avoid forgetting any important items. 

  • Well-balanced schedule. 

Remember to include Soul Time! That is, time just for you to recharge and relax. This time is more than just rest, which is also mandatory, but time for you to do something that brings you joy, even if that means nothing at all!

  • Healthy boundaries

Set limits on things like screen time and social media to avoid potential harmful side effects like distraction, procrastination and comparing yourself to your peers. Remember you are each on your own journey, which means no one-size-fits-all advice!

  • Meetings with your college counselor 😊

When it comes to your college process and staying on track for the year, stay consistent with your meetings so your counselor can best support you. Be sure to share any new information with us to ensure we can provide the most appropriate guidance. If you have a counselor at your school, be sure to connect with them as well – they play a critical role in your process as your on-campus advocate.

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