Introducing New Counselors to the Bridges Team!

Introducing New Counselors to the Bridges Team!

We are excited to welcome two incredible new counselors to the Bridges team as we grow our team and expand our ability to serve students around the world! Hear their perspectives on why college counseling speaks to them based on their own personal and professional experiences, and what they hope to contribute in their work on our team:

Jessica Benson

As a First Generation college student, my parents did not talk about going to college. My older sister was the driving force behind striving for a college education. Although college was not a goal until high school, education and academic success have always been a top priority. With it, I knew that I could have opportunities that I would not otherwise get.

Through my experience in college admissions and school counseling, I have worked with students and families from wide and diverse backgrounds. I have worked with domestic and international students in a private school setting knowing that the needs of each student is unique, which is what I help to identify and showcase in their college applications. I know that at the end of the college admission process, the student’s passion should be felt with no questions left unanswered. Ultimately, I love hearing students’ stories and  figuring out how to counsel them in reaching their goals.

With 19 years of experience in a college or high school setting, I am excited to take on this new opportunity. I will be able to work more closely with each of my students through their college admission process and guide them in discovering themselves at a deeper level while doing it. It is with great enthusiasm that I join Bridges Educational Consulting and I look forward to working with you!

Ayesha King

Making connections and sharing resources are the avenues through which I thrive and find fulfillment. Growing up, no one really talks about how to find a career based on those specific skills or experiences. 

As a daughter of immigrants, I learned to be self-sufficient in my educational process, but if I had not had help that came in unexpected ways, I would have landed in a very different place. If not for a “Come join us on this college tour,” I would not have graduated from a gem of a small liberal arts college. I would not have learned that there is a career in helping people navigate their educational pathway. I would not have found myself doing, as my oldest friend says, “the exact thing you should be doing.” I have built ten years of experience working in law school admission, undergraduate admission, and high school college counseling. While many things have changed, the piece that does not change is looking at a student in front of me (or onscreen) and making a connection. I strive to build trust with you and to help you uncover and share your talents with the institutions that will see you and value you. 

I am excited to join Bridges Educational Consulting and work with all of you amazing students and families! 

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