Gabrielle On Joining Our Team

Gabrielle On Joining Our Team

Growing up as the child of a teacher and administrator, I knew I was going to college before I actually understood what the word “college” meant. As a young scholar, education was always a priority and I was taught it was the mechanism through which I could take control of my own future. 

While there are many paths to success, providing support and access to college for those students who seek this route has remained of the utmost importance as I look at the trajectory of my career in college admission and college counseling. My experience has taken me through varying perspectives in the process – freshman and transfer, domestic and international, public and private schools. In the end, the goals are similar: shaping a community of engaged students of varying backgrounds who will push and challenge each other towards growth and progress. As a Creative Writing major and current writer, I know how self-reflection can have a profound impact on the stories you tell and this perspective combined with my professional experience is integral in the way in which I encourage students to approach this process. I’ve always relished this work and find nourishment in hearing the stories of young people, figuring out how to best advise them towards their goals.

After working at several institutions, I am excited to take on a new opportunity that will allow me to dive deeper into getting to know my students and tailoring my work to support their journey through the college process. I’m looking forward to continuing to build partnerships with colleges and universities, as well as local schools to advance our shared mission of serving and educating students. It is with great enthusiasm that I join Bridges Educational Consulting! I look forward to watching our positive impact grow as we continue to develop connections between colleges and students.

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