Alum Spotlight Of Our Founder & President

Alum Spotlight Of Our Founder & President

Recently, our President & Founder Sonali Bridges was featured in the “Alum Spotlight” by Mount Saint Mary’s University in recognition of her commitment to serving underrepresented students. The “Mount” is where Sonali honed her drive and received the support she needed to build and realize her goals for the future. Her experiences there led to her dedication to creating avenues for access for all students, a philosophy that forms the foundation of the work we do at Bridges Educational Consulting.


Alum Spotlight

Alum Sonali Bridges ‘98 has been breaking down barriers for women in education since she started at the Mount. She worked in college admissions for years (including at the Mount), and her focus has always been to empower underrepresented students to achieve their goals. Now she has her own business, Bridges Educational Consulting, to help students with application process. This year, she also started Shero’s Rise, a nonprofit specifically for girls aged 8-19 that focuses on self-development.“The Mount taught me that it’s not just important that you rise up, what’s important is that you reach back and pull up those behind you,” says Bridges.

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